Consolidated Biscuit Company

I've been told that this bar is fairly popular in certain countries; in Europe they're apparently fairly popular in Ireland. I'd never heard of them before, but frankly I can't figure out why this bar isn't more popular all over the world. It's not to say that this bar is anything revolutionary or new, but it's a mix of classic candy bar ingredients done very well.

If you look at the description line on the package the first thing mentioned is caramel, and that's a good thing. Not only is caramel a great selling point for a chocolate bar, but the caramel in this bar is very tasty indeed. They describe it as “soft caramel”, and that's a pretty good description. It's not gooey caramel by any means (like a Caramilk bar), but it's a soft chewy caramel. The second ingredient listed is "crisped rice", and again with this bar it's right on the money. Rice crisps in chocolate bars can really be hit or miss for me. The ratio of crisps in this bar is very good, and they're very well distributed. They were a little less crispy than I had hoped, but they're still really good.

Finally, the chocolate, the thing that ties this whole bar together. The Catch bar has a fine milk chocolate, smooth and tasty. I'd say that the caramel steals a great deal of the flavour of this bar, and the crisps are really the fun texture factor, but the chocolate holds this bar together very well. I also think the chocolate flavour works well with both of these ingredients, and highlights them as well.

If I had to complain about this bar, I'd say that it's not very adventurous, and for some reason the rice crisps seemed a little flat. Having said that it's a really good bar, that maybe one day we'll see all over the world.