Catty Chins "Cheese"


I have to be honest; I bought these cheese snacks for one particular reason, the name. I'm pretty sure that if they didn't have such a strange name like “Catty Chins”, I probably would have passed them by. This isn't to say that I'm judging them solely on their name; in fact, the name has almost nothing to do with how I mark my reviews. The most a name like this could do is give them a point or two on novelty. Although they may lose a point or two in novelty due to the lack of description on the bag, and due to the second-rate design job on the bag.

So, minus the name and the poor package graphic design, what are you left with? Second rate cheese puffs, that's what. The first thing you'll notice about these cheese puffs is the complete lack of cheese. Unlike the package (yet another minus for the package design) these puffs are actually covered in a bright orange cheese powder, or at least they should be. The covering is scattered at best. The puff shape is also a little strange. It's as if the extruder that made them broke down, and they just settled with what came out. Not one of them seems complete, and many split off into two or three globs.

The texture of these puffs is also pretty weak. They're super soft, way to soft to give you any kind of satisfying crunch. It's like eating a really hard but well aerated sponge.

I can't say that I was expecting a great snack, but I wasn't necessarily expecting a snack as low grade as these. I guess some companies don’t bother to invest in the treat or the packaging.