Celano "Extra Tra Xanh Matcha, Matcha Green Tea"

Kido Frozen Foods

I really have mixed feelings when it comes to green tea flavoured treats. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't work. I can clearly tell you that when it comes to this Celano green tea ice cream it most certainly did not work at all. In fact I can’t imagine any way for this to have failed in the green tea flavour any more than they did.

First of all I did not like this green tea ice cream, but if you like green tea then surprisingly you probably won’t like it either. That’s because this ice cream did not taste like green tea. It most resembled some kind of weak cheap perfume in flavour. Now I know there are some people in this world who like perfumed candy, and maybe you’ll like these. But I don’t like perfumed candies and I very much don’t like this ice cream treat at all.

Of this entire ice cream treat there were two things I liked about it. The white whipped cream/ice cream on the top wasn’t bad, and the last bite of chocolate at the bottom of the cone was ok. The thing is I had to suffer through the awful fake perfumed “green tea” ice cream in the middle.