C'est Bon


The translation of the words “c’est bon” is “it’s good”. If I could rename this bar, I would probably change the name to c’est comme si comme ca, which basically means it’s neither good or bad. Actually, a better name for this bar would be “It’s Meh”, but I don’t know how to say “meh” in French. This bar is the perfect example of a truly boring bar, there’s nothing notable about it at all.

The first problem with this bar is the fact that the wafers dominate both the flavour and texture of this bar. The wafers are bland light wafers that crumble apart in your mouth. The only thing your getting from these wafers is thirsty. The chocolate coating on the outside is so thin that it’s only there for show, and it doesn’t even do that right. The wafer was coming out of the bottom of the chocolate coating, so it really hid nothing. The package indicates that there’s some kind of chocolate between the wafers, but it’s about as ineffective as the chocolate coating on the outside.

So, what you’re eating is basically a pile of flavourless wafers that should taste like a fun candy bar, but don’t. There is really no redeeming thing about this bar, but there’s a problem, it didn’t taste horrible. It tasted like nothing, but it didn’t make me wretch or want to spit it out. I was disappointed, but not grossed out.