C - North America - Unique

Chai Tea Truffle


Taste: 1.5

Texture: 4

Novelty: 4.5

All scores out of 5

I'm always a little indecisive when it comes to spiced creamy things. These are basically just that. I find the flavour intriguing but kind of disgusting. I like to try them but I can't ever picture eating a whole bunch of them.

The spice flavour in these is what I assure to be 'Chai'. I may be the only person in the world that's never had a Chai tea before so maybe it's spot on. This did work out for the folks at Starbucks (who provided me whit this treat), I'm now interested in what Chai taste like and I'm heading over to Starbucks tomorrow to pick one up. I'm interested because I want to know if it does in fact taste like this chocolate.

I guess if the point I'm trying to make is weather or not this taste like a Chai tea then I'm really the wrong guy to make any kind of guess. Is this treat tasty? Well it's not bad. The spice is a little hot, but not too bad. The cream and chocolate are pretty good quality. It kind of taste like a sharp cinnamon or something, but the cream takes off a bit of the edge. I don't think I could eat more than one of these but I'm glad I tried it.