Changi Love Bites "Mint & Green Apple"

Changi Airport Singapore

The origins of these two candies is a little bit unique. I didn’t buy them, and they weren’t really a gift either. I got these candies at the information counter at Changi airport in Singapore. Changi airport is known as one of the biggest and most unique airports in the world. They offer all kinds of fascinating amenities from free movie theaters to one of the longest slides in the world. It’s truly an airport with a lot to do and see, so it’s not surprise that their information counters also offer candies that are unique to the airport. The name is even kind of cute, Changi Love Bites is a fun name for a candy considering.

I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so right off the bat I’ll say that they were fine candies. They weren’t anything that impressive, but as far as free candies go, they were adequate. The flavour options were a little bit strange, apple and mint. The mint made sense, but if you’re going to offer a fruit flavour with mint, apple is a little odd. The flavours themselves were also a little bit surprising. Normally I would say that I prefer mint over apple flavoured candies, but in this case, I think I might have to switch that around. Both candies had a very subtle flavour, and for apple that’s a good thing, but for mint that’s not so great.

If I’m going to eat a mint candy, I expect it to give me a bit of a cool blast. In general, I find that the mint candies that I like give me a cool blast and fresh breath, these offered neither. The mint was fairly mellow, and didn’t help my breath in the least. Because of this, I would actually say that the apple was much better. It was also fairly subtle, so the apple flavour that I normally don’t like wasn’t too powerful. Basically, the fact that both of these candies were so subtle turned the mint, which I thought I would like the most, into a weak mint flavour. The apple, which I thought I wouldn’t like, was vastly improved because of the subtle flavour.

If there was a cherry, or even an orange flavoured candy to choose from, I’d probably choose that over either of these, but alas it was just these two flavours. Both were okay, and fine for a candy that you give away at an information desk. Having said that, Changi is a really impressive airport, so I’m a little surprised that they would have such middle of the road candies on offer.