"The energy gum, full of bubble and fun." This is what’s written on this package. Let's take a look at this statement shall we. “Energy gum” – My first impression of this idea in the candy world means that this treat is likely full of sugar. I would say that this statement is true since this gum is totally full of sugar. I can’t really judge that as a negative since this is a candy and that’s one of the key ingredients in any candy. “Full of bubble” - I did blow several bubbles with this gum, and it went pretty well. After all it is bubble gum, so sure this works.

“And fun” - What makes gum fun? After texture I would say the most important part of any gum is a great flavour. Unfortunately, this gum lacks any great flavour entirely. It says that it’s Tutti Frutti, but this gum was just awful instead. Having said that the flavour did last a while.

While the flavour wasn’t great, the texture was surprisingly soft and it was bubble blowing material. The problem was that the flavour really was a disappointment.

Chew Time 8:28