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Charleston Chew Rollers "Vanilla"


I totally understand this version of a Charleston Chew. I don’t think I would call it a real Charleston Chew, at the very least I feel like the “chew” should be plural. There are several reason I feel like these work a bit better than the original bar, and here’s why. First of all, if you only want a few bites of Charleston Chew then these Rollers are very easy. You can take a few of these nuggets and reseal the bag super easy. The bar does not offer this at all, and once you start eating a full Charleston Chew bar you pretty much have to finish it.

The second thing I really like about these chews is the ratio of chocolate to taffy. I say this because I’m a big chocolate fan, and extra chocolate is almost always good in my book. The quality of the chocolate wasn’t the best I’ve ever tried, but it was tasty enough to keep me happy. I guess it could also be a bit of a downfall since I feel like the chocolate overpowers the vanilla flavour of the taffy. The vanilla flavour only really seems to come through if you eat a few of these nuggets and only after the chocolate has melted away.

For the last part of this review I’m going to examine the difference between the frozen and room temperature Charleston Chew Rollers. I should note that the only reason I’m reviewing them frozen and room temperature is because the package specifically suggest I try them frozen. The interesting thing about these two different temperatures is that it gives you a completely different candy depending on if it’s frozen or room temperature.

The frozen rollers are a fun crunchy treat that has almost no chew at all. The flavour frozen takes a little while to build up, which is unfortunate because it means you get a little less flavour time in your mouth. They also break down a little too fast, which again means less time for the awesome flavour, particularly the vanilla. Room temperature they’re a much chewier experience, and the flavour hits you almost immediately. I will say that after a few of these at room temperature my jaw did start to ache a bit, but I’m sure that would totally depend on how strong your jaw is.

I really feel like this is the best way to enjoy a Charleston Chew, but I’m not sure if it’s fair to actually call it that. Best of all it still offers uniquely different experiences depending on if you eat them frozen or room temperature.