July 2022





Cheetos "Flamin’ Hot Crunchy"


I feel like my tolerance and appreciation for spicy foods has been going up over the last few years. That’s why I’m glad that I waited to review this classic and very popular variety of Cheetos. I feel like if I had tried to review these crunchy blobs earlier, I might have just been blown away by the heat and not appreciate the flavour at all. While I certainly cannot say that I love hot foods, or even like them, I can now actually taste that flavour that spice gives and appreciate it.

These are not hot for hot sake, there is a certain spicy flavour that balances well with the cheese flavour that you get with regular Cheetos. Something about the blending of those two flavours gives you an even better flavour combined. If there was some way of taking away the pain that comes with spicy foods than I would even go so far as to say that this combination of flavours improves the regular cheese variety of Cheetos. Often when I see “flamin’ hot” versions of treats I feel like they’re just being hot for hot sake, a gimmick. But after eating these I’m starting to see why they’re so popular.

This is all to say that I understand these spicy little crunchy, cheese flavoured globs. While I can’t say that I like them, it’s only because they hurt my mouth. They don’t hurt my mouth as much as they would have several years ago, but I was not comfortable eating this whole bag. The difference is that I did actually eat the whole bag. If you don’t like spicy foods then you probably don’t want to get these, but if you tolerate or even like spicy foods I feel like there’s a really good flavour blend with a nice crunch to be had.