Mike and Ike "Cherri and Bubb"

Just Born

I've decided I'm going to do three reviews of this treat. I'm going to review the cherry candy chews, the bubble gum flavoured candy chews, and then both of them together. When you have a candy that features two distinctly different flavours, you really have to make sure that both flavours can hold up on their own, but they also have to work well together. This is because sometimes you'll take a few candies and it'll be most or all cherry, another few candies might be mostly or all bubble gum. You might get lucky once in a while and come out with a perfect balance of both as well. It's unpredictable, so I want to make sure all of the angles are covered.

The cherry chews in this box of Mike and Ike’s are really strong. I could taste a slight hint of sour in them, but it's more of an intense sweet fake cherry taste. I say "fake" cherry flavour in a positive way, there's no mistaking that these really don't taste like real cherries, but they are pretty yummy.

The bubble gum chews are much more subtle than the cherry chews. They do have that traditional bubble gum flavour, although for the life of me I can't really figure out where the bubble gum flavour comes from. While they are much more subtle than the cherry chews, they still hold up well on their own.

The great thing about the difference in flavour strength between these two chews, is how well they work together. The cherry is certainly the most obvious flavour when you mix them together, but the bubble gum adds a subtlety to the mix. As a combination I'd say that they work perfectly well together, maybe even better than they are separately.

The great thing about these Mike and Ike’s is the fact that they work well together as well as separately. This means that no matter what ratio you have in your mouth, you probably won’t be disappointed. The chewy texture is nice, the flavours are great, it's a welcome addition to the Mike and Ike family.