Cherry Ripe "Double Dipped"


This is a odd variation of a very popular Australian candy bar. It's weird because rather than give it a new flavour, or a different kind of chocolate, they simply gave it more chocolate. If you've read my Cherry Ripe review, you'd know that I didn't much care for the original, mostly because it didn't taste like cherry at all. This bar is slightly improved, but for all the wrong reasons. They didn't improve the cherry flavour at all, in fact they hid it even more. The good news is that they hid the cherry flavour in more dark chocolate.

The reason this works is because the chocolate was the only redeeming thing about the original cherry ripe in my opinion. The middle is still made up of coconut mash that's dyed dark red (with no cherry flavour that I can make out). The thing about this bar is because there's more chocolate, you can't taste the sickly-sweet coconut as much, so the bar is slightly improved. Frankly the way to fix this bar is to either make the cherry flavour the predominant flavour, or simple eliminate the coconut all together and make this a bar of solid dark chocolate. Although I imagine the later wouldn't be a Cherry Ripe anymore.

This coating of extra chocolate does not redeem this bar, but it does make it slightly better. I still can't recommend it, unless you really like coconut covered in chocolate and the chocolate is your favourite part.