Cherry Ripe


The Cherry Ripe, with "the big cherry taste", is missing one important thing, and that's the cherry. You could not design a better package for a seriously cherry treat than this Cherry Ripe bar has. Sadly, after eating the entire bar I couldn't really taste any cherry at all. The only thing even remotely cherry about this treat was the fact that the chewy coconut centre was red.

Since this bar doesn't taste like cherry at all, you might be wondering what does it taste like? The closest comparison I could think of is either a Mounds or Bounty bar. What you get with this bar is dark chocolate surrounding a really sweet coconut mash, coloured red. Unfortunately, this is one of my least favourite ways to use coconut in a candy because I find coconut mash is often way too sweet.

The biggest problem with this bar is the disappointingly lack of anything cherry. The second biggest problem is the overly sweet coconut filling. It's a lie wrapped in a sickly-sweet coconut mash, very disappointing indeed. I mean no offense to the Australian people by the way.