Chewy Lemonhead "Fruit Mix"

Ferrara Pan

I think this candy is a success, but it has some really weird things going on. This weirdness effects this candy and turns it from a raving success to just a success. I guess what I’m saying is that these are good, but not the best they could be.

The first problem comes from the name itself. Of the four words that make up the name, three of them create a contradiction. How can something be a lemon candy, but also be mixed fruit at the same time? It would make some sense if Lemonheads had a particularly look or texture, but these aren’t even real Lemonheads, they’re chewy ones… This is just confusing. The only lemon theme that came across is the fact that each flavour is sour, but they weren’t the same kind of sour as a lemon might be (with the exception of the lemon ones). Fortunately, the sour worked fairly well across all of the flavours, with two slight exceptions. I don’t think the sour grape flavour was great, and who wants to eat sour grapes anyways. I also felt that the apple was fairly flavourless, which made me happy because I don’t like apple flavoured candies, but if you do like them you’ll likely be disappointed.

The other flaw was a bit of a creative flaw, and that came from the texture and size. It worked fine and all, but basically all you’re getting here is a box of small round jelly beans. It could have been something more creative with this sour fruit theme, but it wasn’t.

I liked these sour candies, I also really liked the fact that these happened to come in a small box. I think a larger portion would have been a sour overdose for me. This sized box didn’t lead to any sour regret. It’s a tasty treat, but nothing unique or overly interesting, unless you count the fact that they’re a little confusing.