On a rare occasion while writing reviews, I decided to do a little Internet research. The reason I did this research is because I wanted to know why this treat was called “Chicago”. As it turns out, some people believe that the ice cream sundae was invented in Evanston Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. This treat is simply a chocolate sundae with nuts, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. So, I imagine that if you called this "Evanston" most people outside of the US would be kind of confused. Instead the makers of this treat figured it would be safer to call it Chicago, and since Evanston is really close that's OK.

As far as packaged sundaes go, this one is pretty tasty. I would recommend letting thaw for a few minutes (depending on the temperature you're eating it in) because that allows the frozen whipped cream to thaw a little and gives a texture difference. The ice cream is tasty enough, and the chocolate sauce is well distributed throughout. The nuts where the biggest surprise, they where really tasty and toasted just right. They weren't too soft and still very fresh.

This treat not only gave me a nice little chocolate sundae to enjoy, but I also got an education into the origins of the sundae. Education and candy can sometimes make for a fun experience.