What's wrong with this picture, or in this case, this candy? Who in the world thought that an egg-based soup would make for good candy? You might also be asking why did I buy this candy in the first place? Well the answer is simple, at one of my favorite Asian candy shops I saw this on the shelf, when the lady working there saw it in my hand all she said was "candy... candy..." while shaking her head. Her English wasn’t perfect, but she got that simple message across very well. As I listened to her all I thought was, "wow I do a site all about candy", so this is perfect”.

This Oyakodon is an odd candy if I ever saw one, it looks like a bowl of raw eggs, only it's dry. On closer inspection it seems to be a white powder with round yellow candy beads. The powder has a sour taste that leaves a strong after taste. The yellow yolk looking beads are really just basic sugar flavored, nothing that spectacular. Actually, for the most part there is no flavor to this candy at all. I guess it could have always been much worse, it could have been egg flavored.

The candy itself looks kind of cool, but the flavour and texture are pretty boring. I would saw the coolest part has to be the little spoon to eat it with, that was pretty neat.