Chiclets "Wild Cherry"


When I was a kid I used to eat all of the Chiclets in one mouthful and then I would blow into the box and it would make a cool noise. The package would be so full of Chiclet juice, because I had so much gum in my mouth while I was playing music in the Chiclets box. Even as an adult I still like to put a bunch of these Chiclets in my mouth all at once. But that’s because I really love Chiclets, and wild cherry is a great flavor.

While stuffing your mouth with these little gum pellets is a log of fun, there is one big problem. The problem with this gum has to be in the staying power, they just don't last. I wonder thought, should they fix this problem? My first reaction is no, I have yet to see a gum company improve it's flavor by extending the flavor time. Chiclets taste great and they shouldn't change a thing.

The only reason they should improve the chew time is if they can guarantee that the flavour will hold up as well. While these might only offer a fleeting flavour, it’s a really good flavour to have.

Chew Time : 3:38