The concept for these gummies, chocolate flavoured gummies, is a concept that I wondered why it’s not already a common candy. After all gummies are very popular, and chocolate is also very popular. Putting them together seems like a sure-fire way to make millions, and you’d think all the big candy brands would have already done it. The thing is, no one is really doing this, I can’t ever say that I’ve seen this candy combination done this way before. I’ve seen fruity gummies in milk chocolate, but I’ve never seen just chocolate flavoured gummies.

After eating my first Chicos I realized why it’s never been done, or why it’s not the hottest selling candy in the world. It’s not that the folks at Allen’s did anything wrong either. The gummy has a fine texture, a little challenging on the jaw but satisfying. The flavour isn’t the best part of this candy, but it certainly seems chocolaty (or maybe chocolate like?). It seems like they’ve done everything right, but this candy still feels a little wrong. At the very least these Chicos feel weird, and not entirely in a good way. I’ll happily eat the whole bag, but I won’t be rushing to buy another anytime soon.

I’m sure there are some people that love this unique flavour, since you can find them on every candy store shelf in Australia. I just can’t figure out what the appeal might be. There are so many better tasting gummies out there, and most don’t have a strange almost racist tone about them (little brown men called Chico). I think these are worth trying if you’re an adventurous candy eater, but don’t blow the bank trying to get them.