Pak Sweets

Does anybody have any idea what kinds of seeds are in this bar? They kind of look like sunflower seeds, however they're much larger and flatter than any sunflower seeds I’ve ever seen. They're way too small to be pumpkin seeds, but they may be from some other form of squash. The package gives me no clue at all since it doesn't have any listing of ingredient (I bought it in a third world country), and the only thing written on the front is "Sweet in Nuts". I'm not really sure what "Sweet in Nuts" means, but it did make me giggle a little when I first read it.

Even after biting into this bar I still had no idea what kind of seeds these might be. The flavour is really mild, and I'm pretty sure all I could taste was the toasted sugar used to glue the seeds together. There might be a slight hint of flavour coming off of these seeds, but since I've never tried this kind of seed before that I know of, I can't call it. The texture of these seeds seems to work very well with the toasted sugar, there are at least three layers of seeds in this bar, and they still seem to have a bit of crunch.

The flavour of the toasted sugar is certainly the main flavour of this bar. That doesn't bother me too much, but since I've never tried this kind of seed before I would have preferred a little less burnt sugar flavour. The only really disturbing thing about this treat was the coating of white powder on the back. You can't see it in this photo, but the back was covered in white powder. My guess is that it was used in the manufacturing to keep it from sticking to whatever they used to bake it. I just found it lazy not to brush it off, and if it was kept there to keep it from sticking to the package, then why isn't there any on the front as well. It just turned me off a bit while eating this bar, it was lazy, and when you overlook the details with food it can lead to big problems.