Flaxseed Chikki

The Health Shop

I'm not really sure what Chikki is. When I don't know what something is, the first thing I do is check the ingredients, this normally gives me a good clue. This is not the case with Flaxseed Chikki however. The ingredients in Flaxseed Chikki are "flaxseed and jaggery". Since I also have not idea what “jaggery” is either, it really doesn't help at all.

If I was to describe Flaxseed Chikki, I would say it's something like a sesame snap, only with an odd salty flavor. The salty flavor can best be compared to a seaweed flavor. At first this seaweed flavor shocked me and I thought I didn't like it, but soon the sweet flavor got a little stronger and the salty flavour blended in very well. After a few bites I also noticed that the sweet flavour came with a bit of a burnt aftertaste. It was a good burnt flavour, the kind of flavour you get with a nice bitter caramel.

I'm still not really sure what's in this treat, however I think it's deceptively complex. While you're expecting a simple sweet flaxseed treat, there's something a little more complex going on. This complex flavour could either be additional spices added, or it could be the use of very flavourful flaxseeds.