Chinese Candy Drops


There's something really sad about this package. It's not the fact that it's a can or anything, in fact I think that makes this treat really cool. The thing that makes me sad about the package is the way that the kid on the front of the package seems to be sad about the idea that there is no more candy in his container of "Chinese Candy Drops". Should he be sad?

I think if he managed to get the lid off of this thing (it's a little challenging) only to find that he didn't have enough of these awesome little drops, he should be sad. There's a pretty good selection of flavours to choose from, including chocolate. Best of all each flavour is very unique and fairly close to, at the very least, a synthetic version of the original. The flavours are subtle, so subtle that when you first drop one in your mouth the white powder overpowers the candy flavour. But in no time the fruity (or chocolaty) flavour wins out, and you're left with a nice little candy.

As a word of warning, the yellow candies are not lemon, but pineapple, and the white are the lemon. That makes sense in the real world, but in the candy world that's a little odd.