Chips Ahoy! "Candy"

Cor Dairy

There are a few things that I don't understand about this egg. First of all, they're sold in the same package and box type as Cadbury Cream Eggs, but they're not made by Cadbury. Even the egg on the inside is exactly the same as the Cream Egg. Secondly, they're supposed to be a Chips Ahoy candy, yet there's nothing really cookie like about these at all. The most I could say is that the cream in the middle looks a little like raw cookie dough, but the texture is wrong.

The cream in the middle is the right colour, and looks like it should be right, however the texture is a bit more like a truffle cream than a cookie dough. The chocolate chips are also a little strange, they're crunchy, and I don't think that they're chocolate at all. This is particularly strange considering Chips Ahoy is known for their chocolate chips, it's even in their name. While the cream is tasty, it doesn't really remind me of a Chips Ahoy cookie. As far as making me feel like I'm eating a Creme Egg/Chips Ahoy combination, I'd say this egg is a pretty big fail.

The thing is, it doesn't taste that bad. The center is creamy, and tastes OK. The crunchy "chips" are a good addition texture wise even though they’re nothing like chocolate chips. The egg, which I'm convinced is the same kind of egg you get with a Cadbury Creme Egg is fantastic. I just don't feel like they achieved their goal of making me think I was eating a cookie but in egg form. Maybe they should have just put a bunch of cookie bits inside with a simple white cream (to make it like cookies and milk).