August 2023

Chips Oman "Chilli Flavour"

Al Jufair Foods

There is something very unique about these potato chips, and it made me very happy. Let me confess one thing before I continue, I didn’t realize that these were chili flavoured potato chips. The writing on the bag is very small and the contrast of the text and the colours of the illustrations on the bag hid the words “chili flavour” very well. It wasn’t until I got home and inspected the bag (as I do when I write a review) that I discovered that these are chili flavoured chips. The minute I opened the bag I could smell the chili and I became a little nervous because as you may know, I don’t really like spicy food that much.

The thing is, I ate this entire bag of chips without any discomfort at all. The heat of this chili flavour is not that strong at all. So far none of this is really that unique. I’ve eaten many chili flavoured potato chips in my day, and even had a few that weren’t that spicy. The unique difference here is that these were extremely flavourful. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a strong chili flavoured snack with almost no heat at all. Those who like spicy food often describe the flavour of chili as being one of the things they like about spicy foods. I personally don’t really like the spicy flavour enough to suffer through the heat most of the time. I also find the heat to be distracting, so often I’m too busy trying to cool down the heat and not enjoying the flavour.

These chips on the other hand have a really strong chili flavour, but no heat, so I could really enjoy them. I will admit that while eating the first few chips, I was a little distracted because I was waiting for the heat to come, but it never did. I guess if you actually like the spicy burn, you might be disappointed with these chili flavoured potato chips, but if you can get around that, you’ll discover a wonderfully flavoured chip that you can enjoy without having to burn off your taste buds.