Cho Cho Cheese Snack


Cheese and chocolate, this might be the first time I've ever heard of these two flavours together in a snack. I think I've heard of a cheese that has cocoa powder mixed in, but cheddar cheese and chocolate aren't really flavour combinations we often associate together. I can see however where the folks at Dolphin might have been inspired to create this snack. After all there are many cracker snacks that come with either cheese or chocolate spreads. There are even a few instances of cream cheese and chocolate spreads coming together. So this isn't an impossible feat, it's just not likely to work.

The strange thing is, the cheese and the chocolate kind of worked in this instance, but that's because they cheated. The cheese dip included in this snack is not cheese at all, it's not even processed cheese, instead it's a cheddar cheese flavoured icing. This cheddar cheese flavoured icing is the first major downfall of this treat. I can safely say that it's pretty horrible. Imagine a salty icing that has a slight cheesy flavour. The chocolate spread on the other hand worked perfectly fine.

The other downfall of the Cho Cho Cheese Snack is the cookies used to dip into the icings. They're actually pretty tasty on their own, they're cookie pipes similar to those cookies you get at Christmas time that are filled with chocolate. They're light and tasty, but they just don't work well because they ad too much sweet to already sweetened icings. I think a more neutral flavoured cracker would have worked much better. It would have allowed them to use a more realistic savory cheese flavour with the sweet chocolate.

It might have been fascinating to have a snack with cheese and chocolate, but I'm pretty sure you’d never want to mix them up. With a neutral flavoured cracker stick, and a realistic cheese dip, this still would have been a strange snack, but it just might have worked.