Choco Baby


I have to admit that I've been holding out doing a review of these little treats for a few years now. I've been holding out because of an incident early on in the life of Candy Critic. The incident was the day that I first tried Pudding Babies, it was one of the first treats to completely surprise me in a horrible way. I thought that I liked pudding up till that day, I was apparently wrong.

So, this leads to these, I didn't want to try them in fear that they would be just as horrible. Fortunately for me they're not, they're not spectacular either, but they certainly are not horrible. The best way to describe these to anybody would be to say that Meiji wanted to make chocolate treats, but they didn't want to use real chocolate. Instead they wanted to make a chocolate flavoured treat, in little pellet forms.

Meiji did OK on the texture although it is a little waxy. As far as the flavour goes they really didn't do chocolate justice. The flavour of these is so weak that I find I have to really chew them, and when I do I get an old musty chocolate flavour. It's kind of mildew but with a hint of chocolate aftertaste. I'm not really sure why anybody would go for a box of these over a real chocolate snack.

I'm thinking the first time I tried them, it must have been some kind of alternative flavour, these aren't great, but they're not inedible either.