Choc-Vs "White Chocolate Bears"


I'm never really sure how I'm supposed to review this kind of treat. The goal of this candy is to trick people (probably kids) that don't want to take supplements, with a fun candy theme. For the most part I'm against the idea of mixing candy with health, because it can be misleading. For example, with this treat it's recommended that you only eat one bear with a meal. If these were regular chocolate bears I might be tempted to eat 4 or 5 of them. I think for the sake of this review, I'm going to pretend that these have no nutritional benefits at all and just examine them as a candy.

Packaging wise I think these are pretty clever. Each bear is encapsulated in a bubble package, similar to how one finds pills or certain gums. This keeps each one of these bears in pristine condition, and it makes them fun to pop out. The shape of the bears themselves is a little disappointing, since on the box they show a bear with a face and other features. My bears are just smooth bear shapes with no details at all, like a cheap gummy bear.

Flavour wise they're OK. I'm not such a huge fan of white chocolate, so I can't say that I love these bears. But as far as white chocolate goes it's fine. It's fairly smooth, and very creamy. They don't melt in your mouth right away, but after a little chewing they seem to break down fairly well.

If I had to examine these as a candy, I'd be a little disappointed. The only thing that makes these truly unique and fun is the packaging. As a vitamin supplement, I would say they're pretty good though. If you have someone who doesn't really like to swallow pills I think this would be a great way to fill up with some extra vitamins.