Choco Bari


The package describes this treat as "Choco Crunch and Vanilla Ice", I'm not sure what that means but I sure hope it means something good. The first good sign of this treat is the fact that the "Crunch" is not just peanuts. Instead is appears to be some kind of crunchy crumbled up cookie coating. I'm glad, because I've eaten many peanut covered ice creams in my day and the change is nice. It's not that I hate the peanut coating I just love creativity.

Having said that, I have had cookie bits on the outside of an ice cream bar before, it's just these are a little different. Maybe it's because they seem to be really crunchy, unlike other cookie outsides that are more often soggy. Maybe I just got a really fresh one of these or maybe they've found the way to keep the crunch for longer. Either way it really is a nice texture.

The ice cream is pretty generic, but that's ok, because I think it should just help the rest of the treat along in this case. The chocolate on the other hand is a little disappointing, it just doesn't add anything other than hold the cool little crunch bits onto the ice cream a little better. It would be nice to try this with a higher quality chocolate is all I'm saying.