February 2023









Chococity Mini Hearts


I have to admit, I’m kind of surprised at how much I liked these mini chocolate hearts. There’s so much that could have gone wrong, but for some reason it didn’t. I should be completely honest, these were not expensive. I know that price doesn’t dictate how good something can be, but I’ve generally found that inexpensive white chocolate rarely works for me. White chocolate is already a bit of a problematic area for me at times, but when it’s made poorly it can go really wrong. When you add fake fruit flavours, white chocolate runs into a higher risk of being bad. It’s not that I don’t think it can be done, it’s just rare that it does work. I feel like for fruit flavoured white chocolate to really work, you need real fruit and a high quality chocolate, that was until today.

These little colourful lollipops aren’t perfect, but for what they are, they’re pretty good. I will admit that the texture of the white chocolate feels a little cheap. It feels like it’s both tempered wrong and that there might be some fillers in it. This is a little problematic since the point of this candy is to treat it like a lollipop, and the sucking experience isn’t perfect. Once you get away from that, the flavour is fake, but pretty tasty. The orange, strawberry and blueberry didn’t taste like real fruit, but each was unique and certainly tastes like the fake fruit equivalent. I’ve said it before that I’ve accepted that fake fruit flavours can actually taste good as long as you admit they’re not the same as the real fruit.

The white chocolate flavour is subtle enough to let that fake fruit flavour shine and the fake fruit flavour is subtle enough to keep some of the smooth flavour of the white chocolate. They’re also very cute, and might make for a nice decoration on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.

If you look at this as decorations, or secondary parts for a treat for someone you care about, they’re very good. They look cute and don’t taste too bad. They’re by no means a fine quality chocolate, but I also don’t think that’s what they’re going for either.