Fruitfull "au chocolat"


Most people in their lives have had the pleasure of eating a gummy. I have to hold this idea true in hopes of possibly explaining what this treat is all about. So back to the gummy idea, most people have eaten them at some point in their lives. Some people may have even had the divine pleasure of trying jellies, similar to gummies but a little softer and often a little fruitier. Some of you may have eaten chocolate covered gummies in your life, if you haven't, consider yourself lucky because often it's not a pleasant experience.

Describing this candy as chocolate covered jellies and not chocolate covered gummies sums up this particular treat well. So, can you take the sophisticated flavour of a jelly and not destroy it by covering it in chocolate? Well I had my doubts at first to be honest, but I was proven wrong. I'm not sure entirely why these Fruitfull au chocolat candies worked but they did.

The flavour of the gummies, sorry jellies, was nice and strong. Because of this the dark chocolate that surrounded it balanced well together. The texture of the jellies was nice as well, I can't really say how but it seemed to work well with the chocolate. I have to be honest, some of the flavours worked better than others. The peach and orange didn't work as well as the blueberry and strawberry.

All in all, I have to say that I was surprised at how good these candies were, but I really couldn't say I loved them. They're ok; the idea of covering gummies or jellies to me still seems as a no go, but so far these are the best attempt.