Pure Milk Chocolate Buttercrunch With Almonds

Weaver Nut, Sweets and Snacks

The name of this treat is a bit of a mouthful. Although only one word really describes it very well, and that's "Buttercrunch". The main flavour and texture of this treat is totally in the Buttercrunch. The center crunchy square is fairly tasty, and has a pretty good texture, but most importantly it dominates this candy. It's not a bad thing, although I would have preferred a slightly more burnt flavour to this crunchy center. Having said that, it wasn’t that bad.

The next strongest flavour is the chocolate. The chocolate isn't bad, but something with a bit more cocoa would have been a lot better. It just didn't seem chocolaty enough, particularly to compete with the powerful Buttercrunch center. The most disappointing part of this candy is the almonds, or almost complete lack of them. You can see them on the top of this treat, but they ad nothing to the flavour or texture. You could remove the almonds completely and it would change almost nothing. The lack of almonds is a shame since I think more almond might have balanced out the overpowering Buttercrunch center.

The ingredients in this treat are OK, nothing spectacular but OK. The balance of ingredients is way off. It has a long name with a lot of promise, but it doesn't totally deliver.