Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries


So, I started this review about a week ago... kind of. See I got this package in the mail and saw the chocolate covered strawberries and was really intrigued. I was so intrigued that I thought sampling them would be a fun idea. I've tried chocolate covered cherries, cranberries, raisins, and many others, but chocolate covered strawberries was new to me.

I decided that a little sample before the official review would be fine. I've been doing this for the last week and now I'm faced with a bag of only two chocolate covered strawberries and I really want to eat them. I have to be honest, I considered just skipping the review and munching them down, but I'm a professional.

Needless to say, I really liked them. The strawberries where kind of like strawberry jam, not freeze dried, as I had imagined. This was a good thing, although I'd like to try freeze dried strawberries covered in chocolate some time. The chocolate itself was good, melted in my mouth and wasn't too sweet. That was particularly important because if it was too sweet the sweetness from the strawberry would have been too much.

There was one thing though that disappointed me, and it was kind of rough. The outside of these seems to be covered in some kind of waxy shinny stuff that really turns me off. I'm sure if keeps them from sticking together in the package and melting together but it really effects the texture. If you decide to suck on one it makes the chocolate texture and flavour take an extra few minutes to get to your taste buds. I wish they could have found an alternate like powdered sugar or something because it takes something away from what could have been a high ranking treat.