Emirates Dates & Almond Chocolate

Burj Alham

When I first started writing this review, I wanted to write something profound about dates. I wanted to start this review talking about how dates either work or don't work in the candy world. I've re-written this review 4 times and I just can't seem to stay focused on dates. The problem is this particular date, or more directly the way that this date interacts with this candy. I've had a few dates in my life, but I’ve never had a date candy that tasted as good as this one.

First off, I'm not a huge date fan, I don't hate them, but I rarely seek them out. I figured it was worth writing a review of a date treat when it's come from a place like the Unite Arab Emirates since this is a country known for the quality of their dates. I was not to be disappointed at all.

The thing about this treat is it's not just a high quality date covered in average chocolate with an almond shoved in. The chocolate is absolutely perfect; it's smooth, tasty and blends perfectly with the sweet date. The almond is also a perfect addition; the size, texture and flavour give this treat a great texture and subtle flavour. But we can't completely forget about the date. The date in this candy is perfect, even if you're not a big fan of them. Somehow this date doesn't taste like a date at all, the flavour blends perfectly with the chocolate, and the smooth texture feels more like caramel.

I'm not a huge fan of dates, but I've got a huge respect for the folks at Burj Alham for making a date candy that works so well. The texture and flavour of each element works so well together making this one of the best dried fruit sweet treats I've ever tasted.