Durian Cream Filled Chocolate


If you're not familiar with durian let me give you a quick lesson. Durian is a fruit that grows in warm climates; it's a large fruit with spikes on the outside. You have to crack open the hard exterior to get to the creamy fruit in the middle. There is one thing about durian that makes it unique, it smells really bad. By "really bad" I mean it is very likely the worst smelling fruit that human beings eat. There are several airlines that refuse to transport this fruit because of the smell. The smell is trapped on the inside of the fruit, so it doesn't get very bad until you crack it open. When you do crack it open the smell is like old gym socks that have been boiled in rotting onions. As bad as this smell is the taste of the fruit is very creamy and subtle.

If you were to compare this candy to the durian fruit it would be fairly accurate. The minute you open the golden package you're hit with a whiff of durian fruit. It's strong, pungent, and may be enough to keep you from putting this chocolate in your mouth. If you dare to bite into the chocolate, ignoring the odour that surrounds you immediately, then for just a brief few bites you get a smooth creamy centre covered in chocolate. For these few bites it's actually kind of pleasant. Then the smell starts to invade your olfactory senses inside your body, and that rotting onion flavour works its way up your nose and in your mouth. You can’t run away from the horrible smell because it has now coated your insides, thanks to the fact that they've turned the fruit into a cream that sticks to everything.

The aftertaste will stick with you until you rinse your mouth out, and brush your teeth. People around you will not want to be near you, it is that strong. After you manage to clean out your mouth, and you might want to throw out that toothbrush after you're done, you're still not out of the woods. You will become greatly aware of every burp for the rest of the day. That smell will come back again and again.

This might seem like some kind of Harry Potter themed joke candy, but it's very real, and some people love durian. I can understand the love, as the first few bites were actually very pleasant. It's as if you have to pay a price to enjoy a few fleeting moments of creamy pleasure.