P - Asia - Unique

Puku-Puku Tai "Choco"


Taste: 1.5

Texture: 4

Novelty: 2.5

All scores out of 5

For those unfamiliar with Japanese desserts, this candy treat is inspired from a traditional Japanese snack known as Tai-yaki. It's a common cake found in many stores all over Japan, and I can assure you that although it looks like a fish, there is no fish flavours involved. While the basic principle of Tai-yaki is honoured in this treat, it's really nothing like the original cake treat you'd find in Japan. I'm not really sure why they wouldn't make it exactly the same, since Tai-yaki is simply a chocolate cream filled cake shaped like a fish.

What we have with the Puku-puku Tai is a wafer fish filled with a bubbly chocolate. I guess this treat might hold up better because cakes can get squished; however if a Twinkie can survive, why can't tai-yaki. While the principle behind this snack isn't the same as its inspiration, it's still a workable concept. Wafers and chocolate generally go very well together. Unfortunately with this treat there’s a problem with the chocolate.

The problem with the chocolate comes from the lack of flavour. It has a nice smooth texture, and fun little bubbles, but virtually no flavour at all. This is a big problem since the wafer surrounding it has a very strong flavour. The wafer (similar to an ice cream cone) gives it a nice texture, but completely overshadows the chocolate in flavour. So what you have is a chocolate filled wafer that just tastes like wafer.

I attempted to sample a little of the chocolate on its own, and even then it was pretty weak. It seemed to taste OK, but even the aftertaste of the wafer overshadowed the flavour of the chocolate.