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Chocolate Hearts


Taste: 5

Texture: 5

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

Feb 11 2011

I learned a very, valuable leason today about women. Well maybe not women in general, more directly about the woman I married. I learned more than ever that I should trust her judgement when it comes to chocolate, and I'll tell you why. The other night Allison and I went shopping, I decided that it would also be the evening that I choose my Valentines Day review. We went shopping and came to a big display full of Valentines treats. I was having a hard time deciding what to buy, but I had kind of settled on a box of chocolates with several assorted flavours. Allison told me that I should insted go for the bag of chocolate hearts right next to it. I kind of wanted to try the box of chocoaltes because it had a new flavour I had never had, but I went with what she suggested anyways.

Now I'm sure the chocolates would have been OK, and I may even review them in the future, but I am so glad Allison picked up this bag of chocolate hearts. Although not very creative, these chocolate hearts are truly a fine definition of simply great chocolate. Each heart is either a dark or milk chocolate (gold milk, red dark) with a hazelnut chocolate filling. The quality is wonderful, the flavour is spectacular, and I even find that each colour of foil contianing a different type of chocolate to be very creative.

My true love picked out something I truly love.