Chocolate-Coated Kaki-No-Tane Rice Crackers

Top Value

Every once in a while I discover a treat whose flavour changes as I eat more. This is very common in spicy snacks, as the heat factor builds up to the point where you can't taste the heat any more, then other flavours come through. It's a little bit more rare when it comes to sweet and salty treats. Most of the time, sweet or salty treats present you with a flavour, and that's what you have until you finish the treat. Occasionally you grow tired of the flavour, or even the sweet or saltiness of the treat, but the flavour doesn't actually change. These Chocolate Coated Kaki No Tane Rice Crackers on the other hand change.

When you bite into your first cracker, the cracker flavour is dominant. These rice crackers are more commonly mixed with peanuts, and often dominate over the peanut flavour as well. The salt in this rice cracker and peanut mix sometimes balances it out a bit, but more often than not these crackers dominated in flavour. It's the same when you first bite into these, however over time the cracker flavour starts to smooth out a bit. I think the chocolate coating sits in your moth longer than the strong cracker flavour, so by the time you're into your 10th or 11th cracker it creates a kind of balance. I could compare it to adding cream into coffee. You don't really taste the cream, but the coffee seems much smoother because of it. The powerful cracker flavour is tampered down by a creamy chocolate flavour.

The texture is also a little weird at first, but after a few bites it grows on you. These rice crackers have a really powerful snap, and it goes well with the softness of the chocolate. I would say that the only way to improve these would be to use a higher quality chocolate. I would be very interested in trying this same treat made by a high end chocolatier, and maybe even add in a few chocolate covered peanuts too.