Chocolate Frog & Collectable Card


Chocolate, you better believe it. This treat is so chocolatey it'll make your head spin and make you really thirsty too (for good reason). I don't want to get off on my European chocolate rant again but... okay I'm going to go off on my European rant again. I've tasted many a pure chocolate treats in my life and for some reason in North America they often use really cheap chocolate to make these treats. Why? Well I've been told it's so the candy looks better and doesn't melt in your hands. I don’t buy it, I think I’d rather have better taste than have something look good in my hands, wouldn’t you agree?

This leads me to this chocolate frog. It not only tastes great, but it’s a fund shape too. Sure, maybe it might melt if I took it outside and left in in my pocket for a while, but frankly that would be my own fault. As far as transportation goes, my chocolate frog was in fine shape when I bought it. It’s not like this frog melted the minute they put it on the shelf at the store. I guess what I’m saying in all this is that this is a high quality chocolate treat. It tasted great and looked great too.

If you want to eat great chocolate in a fun shape from a fun movie, this is a must. I loved the shape, and it was a great representation of the Chocolate Frogs from the movie or the books.