C - Europe - Unique

Chocolate Frog & Collectable Card


Taste: 4

Texture: 4

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

Chocolate, you better believe it. This treat is so chocolatey it'll make your head spin. I don't want to get off on my European chocolate rant again but... okay I'm going to go off on my European rant again. I've tasted many a pure chocolate treat in my life and for some reason in North America they often use really cheap chocolate.

Why? Well I've been told it's so the candy looks better and doesn't melt in your hands. Hmmm. Better taste or good looking hands and bar, you decide. If you want to eat great chocolate in a fun shape from a fun movie, this is a must. I loved the shape, the chocolate was great and it worked from the movie.