Chocolate "Christmas Light"

Allison and I

So, this is a first. Today I put myself in the shoes of all the candy companies out there - I review home-made chocolates. If you want to buy one of these little gems, too bad, they're not for sale. These are for Christmas consumption and consume I will.

This particular treat is a Christmas light with caramel and an almond inside. A good combo if you ask me. The caramel is great, and now that I know how to make it, I'll be eating it like crazy. I'm pretty happy about the almonds, too. They're not very well-represented in the candy world; often you end up with walnuts or pecans in this type of treat. The larger almond works really well and adds a good crunch.

The only problem with this treat is really the chocolate. I know if a large candy company did this I'd be furious, but it's hard to yell at oneself. Here's my best try: the chocolate was cheap; it didn't melt at all. Also, the chocolate-to-caramel ratio wasn't what I like. It was a little too much chocolate all around. Sure, I could argue that it's hard to do that by hand, but if I were to buy this treat, I'd be a little disappointed about that.

All in all these treats are ok. It's nice that I can say I made them, and they're not gross by any means. If you're lucky, you just might get one, but be sure to get one this year because I'm not going through the hell of making them again.