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In Chocolate Sesame Snacks

Zaklady Przemyslu Cukierniczego "Agros - Optima's"

Taste: 3

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 4

All scores out of 5

I remember buying this treat, there I was looking around a local candy store, wondering if I could find something new, something that I've never seen before. Then on the edge of a shelf, hidden in a row with all kinds of crazy characters was a little man walking a camel. I read the package and boom, 'Chocolate' and 'Sesame' hit me like a ton of bricks. I love sesame treats, its been an obsession ever since I was a little kid, and to cover them in chocolate. Wow, now there's an idea. This treat is just that 'a great idea'. The only downfall is the quality of the chocolate, it wasn't the worst chocolate I've ever eaten or anything but I've had better. I think if you dig the sesame treats and you dig chocolate, than you'll dig this treat too.