In Chocolate Sesame Snacks

Zaklady Przemyslu Cukierniczego "Agros - Optima's"

I remember buying this treat like it was yesterday. There I was looking around my local candy store, wondering if I could find something new, something that I've never seen before. Then on the edge of a shelf, hidden in a row with all kinds of crazy characters and colourful packages was a little man walking a camel. I read the package and the words “chocolate” and “sesame” hit me like a ton of bricks. Why hasn’t anybody put these two flavours together before? Why do I have to travel to a shop that specializes in candy to find this treat? Why is this combination not available in every store on every corner?

I love sesame treats (If you’re unfamiliar with sesame treats, they’re clusters of sesame held together with a sugar or honey. Most often these are flat and also crunchy), its been an obsession ever since I was a little kid, and to cover one in chocolate is a brilliant idea. Simply put, this treat is a great idea, but unfortunately, it’s not a perfect treat. The downfall of these In Chocolate Sesame Snacks is the quality of the chocolate. It wasn't the worst chocolate I've ever eaten or anything but I've had better. The sesame portion of the bar was exactly the same as many other sesame treats I’ve had in the past, which is a good thing because I’m a big fan of those.

This is a really simple idea to cover these sesame treats in chocolate, that I’m surprised isn’t available in more places. I think if you like the sesame treats and you like chocolate, than you'll like this treat too.