July 2022




Choco Mucho "Caramel & Peanut Butter"


There's a lot going on with this bar, in fact there's so much going on with this bar that I had to shorten the description of this bar down to “Caramel & Peanut Butter”. The full description of this bar is “Milk Chocolate Caramel Wafer Roll Cereal Crispies with Peanut Butter”. While I can't argue that each of these ingredients are found in this bar, I can say that the balance of each of these ingredients does not really work.

Most people assume that you can take a bunch of ingredients commonly found in a candy bar, smash them together, and it will work. It seems that many candy companies believe that not only is this true, but the more of these popular candy bar ingredients that you put together, the better the bar will be. This Choco Mucho is proof that it's just not the case. The two keys to a good candy bar is quality of ingredients and balance of the ingredients. This bar manages fairly well with the quality, except maybe the chocolate could have been improved a little. The problem here is that some of the ingredients barely stand out. For example, the caramel feels more like a glue to hold some of the ingredients together rather than a contributor to the flavour. The peanut butter is so weak that halfway through the bar I doubted there was any in there at all. The wafer and crispies seem fairly predominant, but since they have very similar textures I could barely tell them apart.

This bar has so many ingredients that it actually made it hard for any of them to shine at all. It's also so unbalanced that it doesn't turn those ingredients into a fun new snack of its own. At each bite I just feel like I'm missing something, like there's a flavour and texture that's trying to stick out, but it's just not there. It's like a bar that's so full, it's turned into nothing.