Caramel and Pistachio


What's your opinion on Toffifee? If you answered this question with a response such as "it's the best candy on the face of the planet and nothing in the world could ever surpass it", then I have news for you. This caramel and pistachio chocolate from Chocopolis can best be described as a vastly improved Toffifee, and that's saying a lot since Toffifee's are pretty good in my opinion, I would even call them a classic. These caramel and pistachio chocolates have chocolate, caramel and hazelnut just like the Toffifee.

The thing that makes this chocolate better is two things: First of all, the quality of the ingredients is far superior to any boxed chocolate I've ever eaten in my whole life. That's not surprising considering this chocolate is only available in one country (Brussels) and only available in one store (Chocopolis). These two facts prove that the idea that the quality of this chocolate is higher than a truly great boxed chocolate is possible. The other thing that makes this chocolate seem like a vastly improved Toffifee is the salt. The caramel has a really nice salty taste and when blended with the sweet of the chocolate and the hazel nut it's spectacular.

So you're probably wondering how the pistachios play into this treat, since I haven't mentioned them once. Well that pretty much sums it up, I haven't mentioned them once. The only pistachio I could find on this chocolate was lightly sprinkled on the top. The pistachio added no flavour and no texture at all. If you’re getting this because you’re crazy about pistachios, you’re going to be disappointed.