While the Chokito bar is nothing that original, there was something very surprising about it. The bar is made up of three main elements, chewy caramel, crunchy bits, and chocolate. The chocolate and crunchy bits were good, but nothing out of the ordinary. The real surprise came from chewy caramel, not only does it deliver in the chewy department, but the flavour is also spectacular.

When I first bit into this bar all I could detect was the crunchy bits and the chocolate. They are the first impression you get from this bar. However, after only a few chews the caramel texture and flavor started to come through. The caramel lasts longer than the rest of the bar and in this case, and that's fine because it tastes really good. Now don't get me wrong the crispy bits and chocolate is fine, but the highlight is really the caramel. The texture of the caramel was chewy enough to keep the jaw working but not so chewy that it hurts the jaw. It was perfect since it gave you something to work on, and that something was really tasty.

While this bar is nothing super creative, it has a nice chewy caramel and some other bits that work well together. The caramel is the star, but it has a fine supporting cast.