Choklad Not


How does one review a bar that is average, a treat with nothing really great about it at all, but nothing really horrible either? Don't get me wrong, this bar is not simple, it's truly just average. Simple treats can be spectacular if the ingredients are high quality, or sometimes even if they’re a little surprising. This treat did not surprise, and the ingredients were pretty much average.

Basically, it's a very average milk chocolate bar with chopped up bits of hazelnut inside it. It could have been improved with a higher quality hazelnut, since the nuts in this bar were kind of stale tasting and smashed into very random sized pieces. The chocolate could have been nicer too with a little more cocoa, or a little creamier.

I guess I have to say that I don't recommend buying this bar at all. I've always said that you should eat treats that satisfy you or give you something special. It could be that there's something unique, or it could be that the quality is just wonderful, but just eating a chocolate bar because you want to fill in a hunger gap is not a good idea. Average treats upset me, even more than horrible treats, I just don't know how I could recommend this bar. I also can't tell you that it tasted horrible either.