Do you ever find yourself wanting just a little taste of caramel and chocolate? Not a whole bar, just enough to satisfy the craving right there and then. This is the perfect bar for filling a simple craving that doesn't require a full sized treat. To make this bar even better is the fact that it only costs 20p (about 35 cents). The name is very appropriate since all it offers is a chomp or two… Maybe three if you take small bites.

The thing is, it takes a lot more to impress me than a basic idea and a fun size. If you're going to make a simple treat, you have to make it well. The folks at Cadbury didn't fail in that department at all. The caramel in this bar is tasty and chewy, with a nice smooth texture. The chocolate is creamy, and melts in your mouth just right. It's a perfect combination of two high quality ingredients.

This bar is very simple; it's also fairly small. If you are looking to pig out, or looking for something really creative, this is not the bar for you. But if you have a craving for chocolate and/or caramel right before dinner, this bar will fill that gap, without filling you up.