August 2022



The simplicity of this bar cannot go unnoticed. It’s simply a milk chocolate bar with peanuts and raisins. Obviously if you don’t like raisins, as many people don’t, then this is not the bar for you. Other than people who are allergic, I don’t know many or anybody who doesn’t like peanuts, so that’s probably less of a deterrent. The milk chocolate is okay, it’s not the highest quality of milk chocolate I’ve ever tasted, but it’s not bad. I would say it’s above average, but just.

There are a few odd things about this bar that should not go unnoticed. The first thing is very obvious, the size and shape. These bars are simple little squares divided up into four smaller squares. This bar is also fairly thick, which makes breaking the bar into the 4 squares fairly challenging. I had to try hard enough to break this bar apart that I almost gave up, but eventually it gave in and I had my bar divided into 4. I imagine that the size of this bar might turn some people off, you might look at it as being too small. I don’t totally disagree, but that depends greatly on how much it costs.

The other weird thing about this bar was smell and flavour that came off this bar. I think it might have been from the raisins, but there was this slight fruit smell that permeated this bar. I would almost describe it as a fermented smell/flavour that gently wafted from this bar. I don’t discount the possibility that this smell might have come from the chocolate as well. Some European chocolates have a fruity smell and flavour to them that many North American chocolates don’t. I would be surprised if this Chunky bar had this kind of chocolate since it’s truly a North American bar, but it would be a pleasant surprise.

This is a fun and very simple little square of chocolate. While it is fairly simple in design, it does have a few little quirks about it that make it a little interesting. I’d most certainly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t hate raisins, but I warn you not to get your hopes up too high.