Chupa Chups Cotton Bubble Gum "Cola Flavour"

Chupa Chups

When I describe this candy, there is only one part that’s really worth commenting about, and that’s the texture. The flavour of this candy is pretty simple, it tastes like cola, sort of. Most cola flavoured candies taste kind of like cola, but not exactly like cola. I’m sure if you didn’t tell me that this was supposed to be cola flavoured, I would guess that it’s the flavour they attempted to achieve. This is really the simple part of this candy, and I’d even go so far as to say that this is the part of the candy that succeeded. The texture on the other hand is a little more complicated to explain.

The goal of this candy is to give you the texture of cotton candy, then after a few chews it’s supposed to turn into bubble gum. One would assume that the cotton candy texture should last a few bites, and it should gradually turn into bubble gum after sitting in your mouth for a few seconds. What you actually get is something that feels like stuffing from a couch, and nothing really like cotton candy at all. There’s really nothing light and fluffy about this this candy when you take your first bite. Then, at about your second bite down into this furniture stuffing of a texture, it instantly turns into gum. By the time you’re taking your second bite of “cotton candy” you will have a good sized ball of gum in your mouth, no matter how quickly you move onto the second bite. The gum itself is fine, and the flavour lasts long enough, but there’s just no joy in the cotton candy texture.

I don’t want to sound to critical, but the fact that this candy doesn’t work goes to show once again that you can’t really trust some candy companies to branch out too much. Chupa Chups makes some of the greatest mass produced lollipops on the market, but each time they expand into another candy arena, it seems to go a little bit wrong. I just feel like this candy could work, but in this case it really didn’t.

Chew Time: 20 minute