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Ciocolata De Desert DeLux "72% Cacao"


Taste: 3.5

Texture: 2

Novelty: 2.5

All scores out of 5

I don't think I'm a chocolate snob. I appreciate good quality chocolate but I also appreciate lesser chocolate in the right circumstances. I look for quality in chocolate when it's either promised to me, or when I pay a lot of money for it. This bar is a bit of a conundrum though. The package never really promises a high quality chocolate, unless the word "DeLux" counts. I also didn't buy this bar, it was sent to me, so I don't know how much it costs. The thing is for some reason I was expecting a really high quality chocolate, maybe it was the gold foil on the package.

After all of that, I can't really say that this chocolate was that spectacular. It wasn't bad, but it didn't blow me away with its quality either. It had a nice fruity and nutty flavour, and a decent snap, but it didn't melt in my mouth as nicely as other chocolates I've eaten. It appears that this bar may have been stored improperly for a short time, although that could have happened during shipping. It was a little white on the top and bottom. That may have effected the texture a bit, but I still think it wouldn't have been perfect if not for the storage issue.

This bar is fine, it's got a nice fruity/bitter flavour that you look for in a dark chocolate bar. The texture when melting in my mouth could have been a little smoother. It's not a bar I would ever seek out (except for the cool package) but I was happy enough to eat it.