Lucky Tatties


I bought these patties at a candy store and unfortunately the bag that they came in had no label, so I'm not really sure what they're called. Since I had only seen them at that one candy store, and nowhere else in my life, I can't tell you where they're from either. I can tell you that these are in fact cinnamon, and they're cinnamon with a vengeance. I put these in a container to ship them back from Scotland (where I bought them), and the cinnamon smell will not wash out of the container. I put these in my cupboard to await review, and my entire candy cupboard smells of cinnamon. I wasn't going to review these until tomorrow, but I don't want my entire kitchen smelling of cinnamon as well.

I can't say that I'm surprised, but the first flavour I got when I bit into one of these is in fact cinnamon. It was probably the most intense cinnamon I've ever had in my entire candy tasting career. Don't get me wrong, it isn't the hot (and kind of fake) cinnamon flavour one my get from a cinnamon heart, this is pure real cinnamon. While I do enjoy the flavour of real cinnamon, this flavour doesn't really let up at all.

There is a soft sugar patty bellow the cinnamon that sweetens it up a bit, but it's not that strong, and the cinnamon just overpowers completely. If you love cinnamon more than any other flavour in the world, you might like these. I can also see the potential to use these in baking applications, but as a simple treat the cinnamon is way too strong. Cinnamon needs other flavours to balance it out, and it's the kind of spice that only requires a small amount. These are just way too powerful and although the aftertaste is nice, the initial flavour is too much.

Update: As you can see above, I have been informed of the name (Lucky Tatties), many thanks to Catherine a former resident of Scotland and a fine candy aficionado.