Chris & Larry's Clodhoppers "Vanilla Fudge"

Krave's Candy Co.

For the love of god somebody make me stop eating these things! After one I couldn't stop, they have this flavor that just makes you want to eat more. There are certain foods in this world that make me want to eat them. Most notably grapes, if you give me grapes, I will eat all of them. If you give me more grapes, I will eat those too. These Clodhoppers are just like grapes, I can’t possibly get enough of them in mouth, and I will continue to eat them until I have no more.

The whole design of this treat seems fairly simple. A white chocolaty coating with crunchy bits of what seems to be wafers, and there might be more but it blends so well I can't tell. Whatever the ingredients are they blend perfectly together. There’s nothing here that makes you want to stop eating them either. It’s just a comfortable combination that makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

Something about these snacks makes them so good and they're fun to eat too. Each time you reach in you get a different sized cluster. I'm not too sure where you can find these all over the world but if you do find them, buy them in small amounts because you'll just keep eating whatever amount you get.