Cocktail Mix


When you look at the package, and then look at the contents of this cocktail mix, you'll notice one thing in particular. The package shows whole cashews, long noodles and all kinds of nice ingredients. When you look at the bag of snacks, you'll notice broken noodles, some peanuts, and if you look really close you might find a piece or two of cashew. It basically seems like this bag of cocktail mix was put through a food processor. You could blame the flimsiness of the bag for the broken noodles, since they're rather fragile, but the cashews should probably be able to stay together. I'm guessing that the folks at NOAS probably don't use the highest quality ingredients, except for the photos on their packages.

How would I say this affected the snack itself? Flavour wise it probably doesn't make that big a difference. The mix had a few spices mixed in that gave it a bit of heat, but nothing too bad. It wasn't that particularly tasty, but it wasn't bad either. Texture wise the fact that the ingredients where all broken up made a huge difference. I think this treat would have been so much better texture wise, if I could have had noticed a variety of textures. As it stands the pieces are too small to really show any difference in texture at all.

This is a pretty good snack; it probably could be a spectacular snack if a little more care went into making it. The fact that it felt like a truck rolled over my bag of Cocktail Mix, and that the ingredients were all the same size (tiny and crushed), really affected the texture and in the end, and how much I enjoyed this treat.