For the most part I'm a fan of small packaged, crunchy, chocolate filled cookies. It's a concept that has so much potential, and can be so tasty. There are however many opportunities to go wrong with this kind of treat as well. While the idea of miniature cookies seems like a simple concept, there is so much potential for disaster. Cheap chocolate is a fairly common problem, as it's the most expensive part of a chocolate filled snack. Badly made cookies can lead to broken cookies or even worse, flavourless cookies, and that's never good. Then there is where these Cocomo mini cookies went wrong, ratio of ingredients.

It's vitally important to balance the chocolate and the cookie when making cookies such as these. Too much chocolate and not enough cookie will lead to the cookie shells being too fragile and eventually a bag of chocolate and broken cookies. Too much cookie, as is the case with these Cocomo cookies, and you get a bag of very dry snacks. After eating only five or six of these cookies, I found myself to be super thirsty. Biting into each cookie I found that the shell was very thick and the portion of chocolate was minimal and less chocolate does not make me happy.

Low chocolate and too much cookie also affected the flavour as well. The cookie dominated over the chocolate flavour; the chocolate was so minimal that the flavour was lost in seconds. The only thing I didn't mind about these was the little drawing on each cookie, it was a cute touch, although none of them were centred on the cookies. So, I guess these Cocomo cookies were pretty much a fail all around.